Charity of Choice

As part of our connection with community and our focus on helping others, each year we choose a charity and donate $5 for every child that enrols at Balance Early Education.

 2018/2019 – Rural Aid “Buy a Bale”

We are proud to announce that we donated a total of $900 to the Rural Aid Buy a Bale campaign to purchase 45 bales of hay for farmers in need. While our charity of choice for 2019/2020 has changed, our connection with Rural Aid continues. Zoe Cox from Rural Aid continued to visit our service and on her last visit sh read her favourite storybook “My Farm” by Alison Lester to children across a few leaning spaces.  Working with this wonderful charity brought many exciting learning experiences for the children including learning about the drought, how to save water, learning where our food comes from and about farm animals.  We enjoyed our dress up Farm days and visits to a local farm as well as visits from some lambs and chickens.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share, learn and help others.

2019/2020 – Super Max and Bryce

It has been a tough year for many, and we are grateful for many things. We have always been touched by the amazing work of the Super Max and Bryce Organisation who give so much to families and children who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  We were excited in June 2020 to announce that we had ‘gifted’ 29 Super Max the Turtle night lights to brave little superheroes in treatment. Our children at the service have loved the night lights at rest time and we hope they bring comfort, hope and happiness to those who receive them. You can find out more about this amazing organisation by visiting

2020/2021 – Super Max and Bryce

We were to touched by the amazing work of this organisation that, after feedback from families and educators, we have decided to continue our support for another year.  We will also be selling the beautiful socks and scarves to support fundraising, all purchases also give a gift of another to a family fighting this terrible illness.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to watch our progress