In March 2016 I was contacted by a childcare architect who was commissioned to design the redevelopment of Westpoint Shopping Centre in Windradyne, Bathurst which was to include an early education and care facility.  As an early years’ consultant, I have worked with architects, builders, owners and operators to design, refine, build, open and operate around 50 childcare services across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  My husband and I had been looking for some years for a service of our own and funnily enough, also looking at rural properties to quench our thirst for the bush. So, it seemed opportune when asked if I knew of any operators who might be interested in the new service.  And so, began the journey.

We fell in love with Bathurst after our first visit in 2016, it had the perfect blend of country charm, small town hospitality and just enough sophistication to keep it authentic and interesting.  We found local restaurants which offered good variety and excellent service and found all those we were dealing with to be welcoming.  Fast forward to our next visit in winter 2016 and a stay in the roof top tent in Guyra with minus temperatures, and the town still hadn’t lost its shine.  I am a Brissy girl and having spent most of my 20’s and 30’s in North Queensland, including 5yrs on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, the colder climate was indeed a shock.  For my husband who was born and bred in Victoria and has a love for the High Country, the changing seasons and the cooler climate were perfect.

The name Balance was easy, we have owned and operated a range of small businesses and worked with larger corporations so for us our life is all about ensuring we maintained BALANCE.  Working from a home office and working together it can be easy to blur the lines between work and home life but we are committed to this mantra in all aspects of our lives.  Being lovers of nature and the bush, we saw the introduction of a bee as symbolic to our logo as bees hold the balance in nature and are essential to life as we know it.  Conveniently, BEE is also the initials of our service name!

Despite this being our field of work, we have found this to be a journey of discovery as we explore ways to do things differently.  We know it will evolve and change, it certainly has already.

We are pleased to finally open the doors and encourage you to call us to arrange a private tour of our facilities and see why BALANCE is the place to BE, BELONG and BECOME for children, families and educators in Bathurst.  



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